Updated Named WOD database

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I added a missing WOD to the Named WODs database. I was missing “Nutts” (that workout looks insanely tough btw). Follow these steps to get the update: Click the options key when on the main screen Select “Named WODs” from the menu Click the options key when you’re on the Named WODs Select “update Named… Read more »

1.3.2 published

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I’ll call that the shortest release life-cycle ever! I just pushed a fix for my latest fix! Thanks for the extremely quick report!

update 1.2.4 incoming

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The app is being updated to 1.2.4. This update hopes to resolve some force closes that were occurring due to incorrect database management and upgrading on my part. I apologize the rash of updates lately. If you experience more issues, send me a report if the app force closes or send me an email, pete@wodtracker.net.

Pushing 1.2.2 to the market

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I’m publishing version 1.2.2 of the WOD Tracker app to the Android market. The changes in this version are Updating the named WOD database will now pull from the new homepage for the app, https://wodtracker.net. When you update the named WODs, you get a message letting you know how many named WODs were added. There… Read more »

grr, 1.2.1 is now live

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I had to publish another update (1.2.1) right after I published 1.2. If you’re installing the app from scratch, then 1.2 would have worked fine for you. However, if you were upgrading from 1.1, then the app would have forceclosed on you since the database wasn’t upgraded. 1.2.1 should upgrade the database when you upgrade… Read more »

Version 1.2 is now LIVE!

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I just pushed an updated version of he app to the Android market. Updates in this version include Support for Android version 1.6+ (previous support level was Android version 2.1+) Added the ability to track and maintain your personal records. This option can be accessed from the main screen. Press your menu key and you’ll… Read more »

Website updates

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I changed the website design. I made it a WordPress blog. I also added some issue tracking software for my personal use. The issue tracking software should allow me to track future enhancements and check things off as they’re added to the app.

Updated to version 1.1

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Just pushed WOD Tracker version 1.1 to the market. Changes include: the ability to modify a WOD in your history the ability to sort your history by either WOD description or date new launcher icon! thanks to Barry and Doug for your help with this!