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My WOD Tracker app is now syncing to

I created a very rudimentary view of the data – just a plain (read:ugly) html table at the moment.

The programs I wrote on the website that process the data from the phone are super quick. I’m very excited that I got that part working.

Note that this is not working on your installed version. You’ll need to register, either via the app or on the website and then give your login credentials to the app. The only part that is syncing right now is the WOD history. Adding synchronization to the personal records data should be trivial. I’m still working out how to enable registration and password reset requests via the app.

The data synchronization is only one way at the moment, from your device to the web. Pushing data from the web to your device is on the pecking order of things to do.

I’ll also being working on importing your box’s WODs, via an RSS feed that you’ll need to supply.

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The app is being updated to 1.2.4. This update hopes to resolve some force closes that were occurring due to incorrect database management and upgrading on my part. I apologize the rash of updates lately.

If you experience more issues, send me a report if the app force closes or send me an email,

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When an Android app crashes, you have the option to generate an error report. If you do that, it ends up on the market. This is extremely useful! If you’re getting errors, please send those reports.

I apologize for the force closes. I’m still learning the database management side of the Android app world. I appreciate your patience while I figure these out.

I’ll get the error resolved and publish an update soon.

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I’m publishing version 1.2.2 of the WOD Tracker app to the Android market. The changes in this version are

    • Updating the named WOD database will now pull from the new homepage for the app,
    • When you update the named WODs, you get a message letting you know how many named WODs were added. There are currently 58 WODs. If you notice I’m missing some, let me know and I’ll add them.
    • I added an “about” menu option from the main screen. There are links to my email and this homepage. Hopefully, this will generate some feedback.

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I’ve got the new domain set up. It was more work than I hoped it would be but it’s done now…

Hopefully, I won’t have to re-setup anything. I need to push an app updated so that the named WOD database download is pointing to the new homepage. I’ve got the file hosted at both homepages in case someone tries to update their database before they update their app.

Growing pains…

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I had to publish another update (1.2.1) right after I published 1.2.

If you’re installing the app from scratch, then 1.2 would have worked fine for you. However, if you were upgrading from 1.1, then the app would have forceclosed on you since the database wasn’t upgraded.

1.2.1 should upgrade the database when you upgrade the app from the market. If you get forceclose, let me know!

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I just pushed an updated version of he app to the Android market.

Updates in this version include

Support for Android version 1.6+ (previous support level was Android version 2.1+)

Added the ability to track and maintain your personal records. This option can be accessed from the main screen. Press your menu key and you’ll see it.

New progress bar indicator when downloading named WODs. This option can be accessed from the Named WOD screen. Press the menu button and select the option.

If you have any problems with any of the features, new and old, let me know. Please don’t expect support if you leave the feedback in the market. I can’t reply in the comments there. Email me, or send me a message through Facebook or Google+.

Do you have any feedback, positive or negative? Do you have app features or suggestions? Hate (or love) how things are laid out? Let me hear it!

Lastly, thank you for using the app! The number of active installs is astounding to me.

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My app has been on the market for 12 days and there are now 521 active installs.


Here’s a daily breakdown if installs:

App v 1.0 released, Nov 7 16
Nov 8 39
Nov 9, updated to v1.1 63
Nov 10 126
Nov 11 160
Nov 12 197
Nov 13 247
Nov 14 289
Nov 15 326
Nov 16 378
Nov 17 427
today, Nov 18 521

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Version 1.2 of the app is just around the corner!

I’m adding the ability to track your personal records in the app. The “update named WODs” aspect of the app has been updated so that you are shown a progress bar rather than just letting the option “hang” the app while it does its thing.

With the update to the way the app downloads the named WODs, I’m not downloading it to your phones SD card. I had to add an additional permission in order to do this. The app now requires the “WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE” permission. The “INTERNET” permission has always been in the app but never explained why. When you’re in the “Named WOD” screen, you can update the WOD database  by pressing the menu button and selecting the sole option in the menu. In version 1.1, the app just seems to pause while the database is being downloaded and updated. I’ve never liked how that worked so I redesigned it.

I’m still testing the new features and making sure I didn’t break anything else in the process.

If you have any feature requests or app ideas, let me know. I can be reached via this website’s contact form, on the apps Facebook page, the apps Google+ page or through email.