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I really loved it when I was able to finally add this feature to my app. I see that a lot of people are using it now because I’ve been getting reports of an empty box with no WODs listed when the “Import from feed” button is clicked.

It looks like I’ll be spending a lot of time looking at RSS feeds in the next few days! I hope I get a lot more working that I break. I’ve already modified the underlying database structure and modified the code to import from the RSS feed.

There is a rather confusing bug that I’m battling right now. I hope to have an update out soon that will make the import from RSS feed more flexible.

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WOD Tracker Pro is now on the market for $1.50. I removed the ads from the previous version.

I’m going to focus my development on the pro version of the app from this day forward. I’ve received some very valuable input from the user community over the past 6 weeks.

Thank you all for your help in making the app as successful as it has been so far.

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I just published version 1.3.4 (there was no 1.3.3, in case you’re keeping track).

1.3.4 resolves some issues that were reported through the market, including:

    • Editing a personal record
    • Network activity occurring in the wrong place. When installing the app, the named WOD database was being updated as the install was taking place. To update the named WODs, the app was reaching out to the internet for the data. That’s apparently a no-no with newer versions of Android. I put the network activity in a different thread. I’ll continue to monitor the reported errors.

New features (and potential bugs as history would suggest), include:

    • Status bar notification icon when updating the named WODs. This was simple to implement. Look for this feature when syncing your personal records and WOD history in a future release.
    • Sign in. This was a huge hole in the “My Account” design. If you registered on the website ( and not through the app, you didn’t actually have a way to tell the app that you already had an account. This has been fixed (I hope).

That’s all folks. See you during the next release (or bug fix).

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The named WODs database has just received a HUGE update! When the app was first created, I only had 58 WODs in the database. Thanks to a user of the app, I’m proud to say that there are now 111 named WODs available!

The “Heroes” received all of the new WODs.

You can find instructions on how to update your named WOD database here.

Dave, thank you very much for your help with the file you sent me. If you notice any WODs missing, let me know!

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I added a missing WOD to the Named WODs database. I was missing “Nutts” (that workout looks insanely tough btw).

Follow these steps to get the update:

  1. Click the options key when on the main screen
  2. Select “Named WODs” from the menu
  3. Click the options key when you’re on the Named WODs
  4. Select “update Named WODs” from the menu.

You’ll need to change the drop down menu (at the top of the screen) to “Heroes” after you download the update.

Thank you Dave for point it out to me!

If anybody else notices a missing WOD from the list or would like to have another WOD added under any of the other categories, either send me an email or contact me through the contact form.

I’ve been noticing some error being reported from the app. I’m tracking down those bugs and will have some updates to resolve them. Thanks for using the app!

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I’ll call that the shortest release life-cycle ever! I just pushed a fix for my latest fix! Thanks for the extremely quick report!

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I just published version 1.3.1 to the Android market. You should begin receiving notifications of the update soon.

There was a bug in the WOD history sorting. I was storing the date in an odd format and the database wasn’t sorting it properly prior to me showing it to you on the screen. I tried to fix the data programmatically but ran into a lot roadblocks. In order to make the WODs sort correctly, you will need to edit each WOD in your history and then save it.

To edit the WODs, go to your history page and long-press on a WOD. Click ‘edit’ from the menu that opens up and the WOD details will open on the main screen. From there, just scroll to the bottom of the screen and click save. You will be back at the history list. Repeat this process for each WOD you’ve recorded.

You will need to repeat this same process for each of your personal records.

I apologize for this inconvenience but I couldn’t reliably update the data programmatically. The best I could have done was update some of the dates but that would have left the data in an inconsistent state and that may have produced more bugs that I was attempting to resolve.

If you have any other issues with the app, let me know –

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I just published version 1.3 in the Android marketplace.

In my last post a few days ago, I outlined the new features. Check it out and let me know if you have any ideas for new features, criticisms of the app or general feedback.

Regarding the syncing site, it is in rough shape at the moment. I’ll be working on prettying it up in the next few days. Since it’s still in development, you can expect to see some broken things until I get it all worked out.