If you’ve upgraded to WOD Tracker Pro, thank you! I greatly appreciate your support of the app.

If you upgraded from the previously available free version, then your history and personal records aren’t showing up. You probably want that information in your new version. No worries, I’ve got you covered!

This set of instructions makes a few assumptions:

  1. You’ve previously registered on WODTracker.net/sync/,
  2. You’ve previously connected your device to your account, and
  3. You’ve previously synced your history and personal records to the website.

If you haven’t done those things, then do them, in that order and come back. If you have done them, then let’s continue…

In order to force your pro version to download the history from the web, you’ll need to log into the website and go to your WOD history page. On the far right are links that say “force to sync”. Click that link for each of the items you want to sync to your phone.

Once that’s done, go to your history on your Android device (click the menu button and select “History”), click the menu button and select “sync”. Magical things will happen in the background…you could probably do an air squat or two while you wait for this process to complete. You’ll get a notification when it’s complete. Click on the notification and *BAM* – WOD history on your device!