Kevin Ogar

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As many of you may have heard, Kevin Ogar was seriously injured during a competition in California. A WOD has been named after Kevin, and it has been added to the Named WOD database. Instructions for updating the Named WOD database on your device can be found at the following wiki link –  

New site for viewing the in-app Named WODs

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Over the past few days, I’ve been developing a site that will provide visibility to the named WOD database that is defined in the Android and iOS apps. The named WOD database was previously only visible to myself, the developer of WOD Tracker Pro. The new site can be found at It relies heavily… Read more »

Android app updated to v2.1.1

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The Android version of WOD Tracker Pro has been updated to version 2.1.1. While the version number shows a small increment, this was a pretty big update for in terms of how the app synchronizes data with the website. If you notice any oddities with your data syncing or not syncing properly, please let me… Read more »

App updated to version 2.1

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With the release of WOD Tracker Pro version 2.0, there were a LOT of improvements. Along with those improvements, there was one feature that was disabled/broken – Search. I couldn’t get the searching to work with the 2.0 version. I believe the search API was changed in the latest version of Android that I was developing… Read more »

Android app updated to version 2.0

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In this version, I’ve added a brand new sliding menu on the left-hand side of the screen. You can access the menu at any point in the application by either sliding from the left of your screen to the right side, or by clicking on the WOD Tracker icon in the upper left. The library… Read more »

Website updated and other news

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The My WOD Tracker website was recently updated to allow you to modify the date of your WODs and Personal Records. I apologize if this missing feature was causing you any inconvenience. I’ve been so focused on updating the app, that I haven’t been thinking of adding anything to the website. The latest additions to… Read more »

Updated UI for the upcoming update

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One of the things I’ve been playing with over the past 3(-ish) months since the last WOD Tracker update has been the UI. As with most UI changes, I’m very hesitant and nervous about changing it. I think the app has a lot of great content and I don’t want people to hate it or turn… Read more »

Web database records updated

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I’ve recently become aware of several users having issues with their data syncing from their Android devices to the my wodtracker website. I’m in the process of rewriting my code that I leveraged to transport the data from your device and add it to the website. In the process of reviewing the web database, I… Read more »