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With the release of WOD Tracker Pro versionĀ 2.0, there were a LOT of improvements. Along with those improvements, there was one feature that was disabled/broken – Search. I couldn’t get the searching to work with the 2.0 version. I believe the search API was changed in the latest version of Android that I was developing against. I upgraded Android on my development machine and believe that is what broke the search functionality.

Having said all of that, search is now functional with this release.

You should also notice that titles were added to each of the screens. Under the covers, I added some logic to the RSS feed importer. If the app doesn’t retrieve any items from the RSS feed, then it will “try again”, but using a 3rd party website to try and get the feed. This should improve the reliability of the RSS feed importer for those of you having issues with the feature. If both layers fail, then you’ll see text on the screen that tells you nothing could be found, whereas before, you would only see a blank screen.

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I am the developer of the WOD Tracker CrossFit WOD tracking mobile app. It is currently available for Android but an iOS version is in the works.