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In this version, I’ve added a brand new sliding menu on the left-hand side of the screen. You can access the menu at any point in the application by either sliding from the left of your screen to the right side, or by clicking on the WOD Tracker icon in the upper left. The library I’m using in the app is used by a lot of other Android application developers to achieve the same type of functionality.

In the menu are all of the functions that the app performs. There are options for recording a new WOD history entry, a new personal record, viewing either your WOD history or personal records, the percentage and Wendler calculators and finally, your account settings. At the bottom of the slide menu are 3 options – app settings and preferences, help and finally, a way to contact me while you are in the app.

The help option will direct you to the WOD Tracker Wiki page, where I’ve been adding new entries on how to do stuff in the app. The “Contact Developer” menu option will allow you to send me an email, without having to hunt down a way to find my contact information. I’m hoping that these two changes will help people to reach out and ask questions or have the ability to help themselves, instead of waiting for me.

The UI of the app has been changed. The background is now the default black and the text is the default white, as it originally was when the app was released. If you don’t like that color scheme, I’ve added a way to switch themes within the app. You can access that from the settings/preferences menu option. I received a couple of emails over the past week regarding the difficulty in reading the white text on a light gray background. This should resolve that problem.

Another thing you may notice is that I’ve gone through each screen and made the text larger. This should make it easier for users to read as well.

When you initially open the app, you will notice a new greeting screen. The application will attempt to load the RSS feed you have set in your preferences. If you don’t have one set, then the CrossFit HQ feed will be pulled. Clicking on any of the entries will take you to the record WOD history entry screen. The RSS feed entries are cached, for an hour. Each time you enter that screen, the app will detect how old those entries are. If they are less than an hour old, then the are displayed to you. If they are older than an hour, then the app will try to fetch the WODs from the RSS feed again. This logic is the same for the “Import from feed” button on the record WOD screen.

Finally, the app now looks decent on a tablet. For that reason, I’m finally making it available on the Amazon App store.

I sincerely hope you enjoy this update.



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