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This is a significant update for the app. 90% of the app was rewritten. The app should be much more efficient than the previous version.

In addition to just rewriting the app because it was fun, I added a library called ActionBarSherlock. Android 3.0+ (codenamed Honeycomb) introduced the action bar. Previous version of Android didn’t have a concept of the action bar. The ActionBarSherlock library makes the action bar available to all versions of Android.

What you will notice is that you no longer need to use the ‘menu’ key on your phone. You will see menu items on the action bar. If there are more menu options than will fit on your screen, you will see vertical ellipsis (see the icon on the far right of the image below). Those of you using Android 4.0+ (Ice Cream Sandwich or Jellybean) will be familiar with these.  When you flip your phone horizontally into landscape mode, some of the menu items will have words next to them.


Vertical ellipsis


If you were used to long-pressing on an item in a list to perform some sort of action against it, like edit, delete or share it, you no longer have to long-press. You can simply click an item and the new action bar will be replaced with a set of actions you can perform with that item.

Contextual Action Bar

Contextual Action Bar


A few buttons have been removed from the app. Any save or update buttons have been replaced by a “sideways triangle”. Any cancel or clear screen buttons have been removed as well. The icon in the action bar can be used as a ‘back’ button from most screens.

"Sideways Triangle"

“Sideways Triangle”, icon as “back” button


Below are all of the features and bug fixes introduced in this version of the app:

[new] RSS feed import now supports Atom feeds (this was a big deal,

[new] Sort your personal records by either date or description,

[new] From the Named WOD, you can now choose to create a Personal Record or “do the WOD”,

[bug fix] Importing an RSS feed that doesn’t have data in it will no longer crash the app


I’ve personally been testing the app for about 2 weeks now. I did a lot of work updating the app and touched a lot of code. It’s possible that I haven’t found all of the bugs I may have introduced.

If you find one, please email me and let me know. If you have any ideas you would like added to the app, let me know.

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