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I just added a new feature to that a few users have needed in the past – the ability to force all of your WOD history and personal records to sync. When you change devices, your data won’t automatically sync when you re-download the app and sign in for the first time. That is a feature I’ve been trying to figure out how to implement in the app, without duplicating any of the data on your device. It’s a bit trickier than I originally anticipated.

When you sign in to the website, on the far right side of the screen, you’ll see a box with your user name. Click on that box and you’ll see two options. Click on the profile option.


On the user profile page, I’ve added two new options. These options allow you to set make your data sync the next time the device syncs with the web.


When you click on one of two buttons, your data will be reset so that it will be pushed down to your device when the device attempts to sync. You’ll see a message letting you know things were ok. It will disappear after about 5 seconds.


When you go back to your activity view (of either your PRs or WOD history), you’ll notice that the “sync state” will appear as below. When the data has been synchronized between your device and the web, the “sync state” will revert back to its normal state.


It is important to note that if you have data on your device and you use these options, you will have duplicated data on your device. I can’t undo that. You will have to manage whatever mess the data is in after that. I don’t expect you to use this feature unless you’ve uninstalled the app from your device and reinstalled it, gotten a new device and all of your data is gone, or flashed a new ROM (if you’re rooted). If you haven’t done any of the above things, use extreme caution when using this feature!

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