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I’ve beefed up the ability to successfully import WODs from your box’s RSS feed from their blog. If you have issues with this, please let me know. Email me he feed url and I’ll troubleshoot it from there. I had a couple of users send me their rss-related issues this past weekend and I was able to make some changes and improve the reliability quite a bit.

I made a boneheaded mistake when I released the pro version. If you were using the previous version and kept your history and personal records there, then upgraded, you no longer saw your history or records in the pro version. I hope you kept the previous version or utilized the web sync feature prior to uninstalling the free version! I’m working on adding the ability to download that data from the web.

I apologize for the oversight!

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I am the developer of the WOD Tracker CrossFit WOD tracking mobile app. It is currently available for Android but an iOS version is in the works.

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