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Version 1.2 of the app is just around the corner!

I’m adding the ability to track your personal records in the app. The “update named WODs” aspect of the app has been updated so that you are shown a progress bar rather than just letting the option “hang” the app while it does its thing.

With the update to the way the app downloads the named WODs, I’m not downloading it to your phones SD card. I had to add an additional permission in order to do this. The app now requires the “WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE” permission. The “INTERNET” permission has always been in the app but never explained why. When you’re in the “Named WOD” screen, you can update the WOD database  by pressing the menu button and selecting the sole option in the menu. In version 1.1, the app just seems to pause while the database is being downloaded and updated. I’ve never liked how that worked so I redesigned it.

I’m still testing the new features and making sure I didn’t break anything else in the process.

If you have any feature requests or app ideas, let me know. I can be reached via this website’s contact form, on the apps Facebook page, the apps Google+ page or through email.

About Pete Wood
I am the developer of the WOD Tracker CrossFit WOD tracking mobile app. It is currently available for Android but an iOS version is in the works.