update 1.2.4 incoming

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The app is being updated to 1.2.4. This update hopes to resolve some force closes that were occurring due to incorrect database management and upgrading on my part. I apologize the rash of updates lately. If you experience more issues, send me a report if the app force closes or send me an email, pete@wodtracker.net.

Errors reported after latest update

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When an Android app crashes, you have the option to generate an error report. If you do that, it ends up on the market. This is extremely useful! If you’re getting errors, please send those reports. I apologize for the force closes. I’m still learning the database management side of the Android app world. I… Read more »

Pushing 1.2.2 to the market

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I’m publishing version 1.2.2 of the WOD Tracker app to the Android market. The changes in this version are Updating the named WOD database will now pull from the new homepage for the app, https://wodtracker.net. When you update the named WODs, you get a message letting you know how many named WODs were added. There… Read more »

and I’m back…

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I’ve got the new domain set up. It was more work than I hoped it would be but it’s done now… Hopefully, I won’t have to re-setup anything. I need to push an app updated so that the named WOD database download is pointing to the new homepage. I’ve got the file hosted at both… Read more »

Moving to a new domain, already

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Well, that was quick! I’m dropping the “crossfit” from the domain and moving everything to wodtracker.net. Everything will remain the same, despite the bad taste in my mouth… This will take place over the next few days. I’ll publish an update to the app noting the change.

grr, 1.2.1 is now live

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I had to publish another update (1.2.1) right after I published 1.2. If you’re installing the app from scratch, then 1.2 would have worked fine for you. However, if you were upgrading from 1.1, then the app would have forceclosed on you since the database wasn’t upgraded. 1.2.1 should upgrade the database when you upgrade… Read more »

Version 1.2 is now LIVE!

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I just pushed an updated version of he app to the Android market. Updates in this version include Support for Android version 1.6+ (previous support level was Android version 2.1+) Added the ability to track and maintain your personal records. This option can be accessed from the main screen. Press your menu key and you’ll… Read more »

Over 500 active installs!

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My app has been on the market for 12 days and there are now 521 active installs. Awesome! Here’s a daily breakdown if installs: App v 1.0 released, Nov 7 16 Nov 8 39 Nov 9, updated to v1.1 63 Nov 10 126 Nov 11 160 Nov 12 197 Nov 13 247 Nov 14 289… Read more »

Big update coming very soon

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Version 1.2 of the app is just around the corner! I’m adding the ability to track your personal records in the app. The “update named WODs” aspect of the app has been updated so that you are shown a progress bar rather than just letting the option “hang” the app while it does its thing. With… Read more »