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Over the past few days, I’ve been developing a site that will provide visibility to the named WOD database that is defined in the Android and iOS apps. The named WOD database was previously only visible to myself, the developer of WOD Tracker Pro.

The new site can be found at It relies heavily on AJAX. That means if you need to have javascript enabled in your browser. I’ve only tested it on Google Chrome 27 on my macbook pro. The site is still being actively developed. In the next few days, it may be down, look terrible, or just plain broken.

The part of the site I’m most excited about is the search functionality. I’m using a plugin developed by Twitter, named typeahead.js. Using the plugin, the website will autocomplete the values you’re searching on. Try searching for terms such as “deadlift”, “21-15-9”, or “Fran“.

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The Android version of WOD Tracker Pro has been updated to version 2.1.1.

While the version number shows a small increment, this was a pretty big update for in terms of how the app synchronizes data with the website. If you notice any oddities with your data syncing or not syncing properly, please let me know.

There have been some issues resolved that have been reported by users. Please let me know if the update doesn’t resolve any issues you might be having.

There was also a small security change within the app. The password was removed from the preferences and now resides in the database.

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With the release of WOD Tracker Pro version 2.0, there were a LOT of improvements. Along with those improvements, there was one feature that was disabled/broken – Search. I couldn’t get the searching to work with the 2.0 version. I believe the search API was changed in the latest version of Android that I was developing against. I upgraded Android on my development machine and believe that is what broke the search functionality.

Having said all of that, search is now functional with this release.

You should also notice that titles were added to each of the screens. Under the covers, I added some logic to the RSS feed importer. If the app doesn’t retrieve any items from the RSS feed, then it will “try again”, but using a 3rd party website to try and get the feed. This should improve the reliability of the RSS feed importer for those of you having issues with the feature. If both layers fail, then you’ll see text on the screen that tells you nothing could be found, whereas before, you would only see a blank screen.

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With the introduction of version 2.0, the app began to look pretty good on a tablet. With that realization, I decided it would be a good time to make the app available on the Amazon app store. As of late last night, WOD Tracker Pro is now available to all of the Kindle Fire tablets.

You can find the app at the following shortlink –

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In this version, I’ve added a brand new sliding menu on the left-hand side of the screen. You can access the menu at any point in the application by either sliding from the left of your screen to the right side, or by clicking on the WOD Tracker icon in the upper left. The library I’m using in the app is used by a lot of other Android application developers to achieve the same type of functionality.

In the menu are all of the functions that the app performs. There are options for recording a new WOD history entry, a new personal record, viewing either your WOD history or personal records, the percentage and Wendler calculators and finally, your account settings. At the bottom of the slide menu are 3 options – app settings and preferences, help and finally, a way to contact me while you are in the app.

The help option will direct you to the WOD Tracker Wiki page, where I’ve been adding new entries on how to do stuff in the app. The “Contact Developer” menu option will allow you to send me an email, without having to hunt down a way to find my contact information. I’m hoping that these two changes will help people to reach out and ask questions or have the ability to help themselves, instead of waiting for me.

The UI of the app has been changed. The background is now the default black and the text is the default white, as it originally was when the app was released. If you don’t like that color scheme, I’ve added a way to switch themes within the app. You can access that from the settings/preferences menu option. I received a couple of emails over the past week regarding the difficulty in reading the white text on a light gray background. This should resolve that problem.

Another thing you may notice is that I’ve gone through each screen and made the text larger. This should make it easier for users to read as well.

When you initially open the app, you will notice a new greeting screen. The application will attempt to load the RSS feed you have set in your preferences. If you don’t have one set, then the CrossFit HQ feed will be pulled. Clicking on any of the entries will take you to the record WOD history entry screen. The RSS feed entries are cached, for an hour. Each time you enter that screen, the app will detect how old those entries are. If they are less than an hour old, then the are displayed to you. If they are older than an hour, then the app will try to fetch the WODs from the RSS feed again. This logic is the same for the “Import from feed” button on the record WOD screen.

Finally, the app now looks decent on a tablet. For that reason, I’m finally making it available on the Amazon App store.

I sincerely hope you enjoy this update.



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The My WOD Tracker website was recently updated to allow you to modify the date of your WODs and Personal Records. I apologize if this missing feature was causing you any inconvenience. I’ve been so focused on updating the app, that I haven’t been thinking of adding anything to the website.

The latest additions to the app are finally coming to an end (for now). I hope to have the update released next week.

Over the past few months, I’ve been working on a website for people to go to so they can learn about all of the features of the app. I’ve been porting any helpful blog posts that I’ve published here over to that website. That website is It is only editable by me, so if you have any suggestions for topics, just let me know.

As always, I’m looking for any suggestions for either additions to the app or website.


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The WOD Tracker app has been updated to version 1.6. Some of the highlights for this update are:

  • updated UI – this was outlined in a previous post
  • reworked the sync between the device and the website. Please let me know if you continue to experience any issues with the syncing.
  • misc other errors reported in the Google Play market
  • addition of a very simple Wendler calculator.

There are two ways to access the new Wendler calculator.

  • From the calculator button on the initial screen.
Button Menu Calculator options
  • From your personal records list. Note that your PR results must only contain a number. If it contains any text, then you’ll get an error message on the Wendler calculator screen.
Personal Records list


When you click on a PR in the above list, an action bar will present itself. On the far right of the action bar, is a calculator icon. Clicking on this icon will display the new Wendler calculator.

PR selected from list, action bar displayed


Wendler calc screen, with PR data


Wendler calculator explanation


In this iteration of the Wendler calculator, only 90% of the value entered into the will be used in the percentages found in the list below the 1 rep max (RM) value. In a future update, I plan on adding multiple percentage classes. This version will only calculate 75%, 85% and 90%. I’m not a Wendler expert, so I may be missing something from the calculator. If you notice anything, please don’t hesitate to email me or use the contact form found on the blog.

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One of the things I’ve been playing with over the past 3(-ish) months since the last WOD Tracker update has been the UI. As with most UI changes, I’m very hesitant and nervous about changing it. I think the app has a lot of great content and I don’t want people to hate it or turn them off based solely on how the app looks.

Below are a few screen shots of the updated UI, and the new feature I’m adding to the app.

What do you think? Love it, hate it, don’t care? Let me know, either in the comments or by contacting me!

Updated UI background

New in v1.6 is a Wendler caclulator

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I’ve recently become aware of several users having issues with their data syncing from their Android devices to the my wodtracker website.

I’m in the process of rewriting my code that I leveraged to transport the data from your device and add it to the website. In the process of reviewing the web database, I came across an issue with how your WOD history is displayed and sorted when you logged into the website. There was a bug in my code that was taking any new WOD history and adding it to the bottom of the history page.

My original intention was to show your newest WOD history at the top of the page. I’ve corrected the data. I’ve also corrected the code in the updated version of the code to add your history to the website.

To ensure that the newest version of the code is being executed, I’m going to have to push an update to the app.

I sincerely apologize to all of the users that this has effected. You should expect an updated version of the app very soon.